So…Self Reliance eh?

This blog is about Self Reliance. There will be a lot of other interlinking topics too but the whole idea of this project is to help you lead a more Self Reliant, happy life. Tired of feeling detached from reality worrying about shit that doesn’t matter? Tired of the daily grind and your soul crushing career? Tired being so deep in BS of the current “game” they call life? Me too. In fact all this has driven me to find freedom / a better way of living and I hope I can help you do the same.

Before we start, I am no expert or professional in this subject but remember, professionals built the titanic… if you catch my drift. I am not extraordinary. I have learn’t from trial and error and followed along with society until recently.

Yet this is the whole point. We are all (mostly) “normal” and we are all capable of changing paths and freeing ourselves from the unnatural existence we find ourselves in. I am the living experiment that proves normal people can do great things.

This journey you are about to embark on will not be easy. I am not going to regurgitate stuff to set the scene of our current reality either- the rat race, being time poor, over stressed, under paid, close to a nervous breakdown etc. We are all living it. Some of us (me and you) are conscious of it and many of us are not.

If you do need further help setting the scene of the current reality we face, I highly recommend checking out Mr Money Mustache (Blog about Living frugally to retire young) and Tim Ferris (especially his book the 4 hour work week). These guys have inspired me over the last 4 years and opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking. Knowledge is power.

Anyway, what does self reliance look like? Right now at the beginning of my journey it looks like a happy rewarding place to be. This might change as the reality of this transition crushes my hopes and dreams, much like an elephant shitting on a daisy. But for now it is a pretty cool looking place.

To me, Self Reliance is growing my own food, harvesting my own water, producing my own warmth and electricity. Making my own money, working hard still but for my own happiness rather than a profit hungry employer. Being outdoors more, fresh air and nature. Embracing the seasons and living less in an artificial world.

It is about being able to rely on myself and not just flipping switches and buying stuff. It is about having time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life that we are losing in the modern all consuming world. Just spending quality time with friends and family these days is like trying to do the impossible. Stuff like this has to change.

I might be living in a dream world, but equally I might not. I know I can’t just change things over night, but I can do research and begin taking small steps to becoming more self reliant. Humans have advanced and conquered the unimaginable, but it feels like we are forgetting our roots to our own detriment as a species. Our greatest achievements have now become our greatest threats.

Ask yourself this – What if the bubble pops? What if the supermarkets and fast food chains all stopped trading tomorrow, or the power goes out. what are we going to do?(other than loot the beer store…)

Personally I want to look out for my friends and family, survive and flourish. Simple as that.