Self Reliance… getting started?

WARNING!! This is a pretty lame article all in all but necessary to kick things off. It is important to remember that most things aren’t glamorous in the beginning. Look at cheese. Starts life in a muddy old cows nipple. Ends up tasting so good though!!

Really though, where do I begin? In my old way of living I would probably start by looking at my finances. But I am turning a new leaf. Hopefully doing the opposite to the usual will help me in some way. At some point, Money will need some attention, but not today.

For many things in life a starting point is hard to find. Realistically, I am probably just over thinking things and maybe even procrastinating. I must remember to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Taking small steps, and doing something is better than doing nothing. Once you get going you normally find momentum to keep pushing forward.

A good place to start might be to reflect on my general existence and summarize important ideas, habits, likes and dislikes about day to day life.

General stuff:

I eat three times a day plus snacks – drink water – shower and brush my teeth – frequent the shit house – try and sleep as much as possible, which isn’t all that much.

I should exercise more – go to work – work for myself – cook and clean.

I stay warm in the winter – try and stay cool in the summer – use electric – use internet.

Things I enjoy:

Drinking tea sat in the garden during sun rise.

Generally Love being in the garden and by water too – taking the dog for walks.

Spending time with my wife and friends, beers and nice food.

Having time to not be rushing everything, such as cooking a meal for fun instead of rushing something out.

Reading and researching, mostly entrepreneur and self reliance stuff strangely.

Things I dislike:

Working weekends – working for a big corporation – waking up early.

Being mindful of money 24/7 – not having much time.

How processed modern affordable food is?!

The cost of things these days, WTF?!

Being overweight and over stressed and over tired most of the time.

Awesome, that seemed painless. After ten minutes of brainstorming I can already see patterns and changes that can be made. I can now take my answers, pick them apart and start swapping things out. For example:

The simple act of drinking tea during sunrise

The usual:

Wake up, plug kettle into power outlet, boil chlorine laced tap water in plastic kettle, steep purchased tea bag/coffee, add cow juice and sit on a purchased chair on a concrete pad admiring the green grass, my vegetable garden and the awesome sunshine, in the (kind of) fresh air.

The self-reliant:

Wake up, fill pot / kettle from rain water collection system / spring, boil water on fire / kettle powered by solar, use home grown herbs and stuff to make tea, use homemade almond milk in tea (optional) sit on a homemade chair on the lawn admiring my productive abundant garden and the awesome sunshine, in the (kind of) fresh air, or by the lake following a small bike ride.

Same simple pleasure but two very different processes.

Some of us might argue that the latter self-reliant approach is extreme, But is it really? Start questioning the “usual” and delve a little deeper and you might be shocked at what you find.

Where are your tea bags / coffee beans from? India? Columbia? How far have they traveled? How fresh are they and how many chemicals are in them? How are the plantation workers treated?

What chemicals are present in the tap water? How is the electricity made and transported? How much have I paid for these conveniences?

Where does cow juice come from? Are dairy cows having a great life? What is the environmental cost of the concrete slab? In fact, what is the environmental effect of all of it?

As someone famous may have said “ignorance is bliss”, and not knowing how or where much of our modern stuff comes from is a big part of why I started this blog and it is kind of a big deal to me.

I feel that we are no longer in touch with our truth. No one is teaching us how to do things / make things / find things anymore. Skills are not being passed down as they used to be. There is an information gap and a bunch of corporations taking full advantage of the situation. Our truth isn’t the truth anymore and that makes me sad.

Maybe I am an idealist, but my gut is telling me otherwise. I believe for us to flourish we need to somewhat return to our roots, living how we are designed. Our simple basic needs are not being met in this modern way of life and that needs to change.