My desire to live a more self reliant lifestyle started when I realized that as a society we had replaced living (having time and doing things) for soul crushing careers, less time and convenience purchases.

Modern day life is a hugely complex thing. Technologically it is awesome, and we have so much more information at our finger tips today than ever before. Sadly though it all kind of boils down to one thing, MONEY.

Money seems to be the main driving force in the way we live and structure our modern lives (Schooling for great career, career, pensions and retirements).

We have gotten so caught up in the pursuit of money and intellectual advancement (that will lead us to a better paid job, apparently) we are tunnel visioned, missing out on the best things life has to offer. We don’t live in the now, we live thinking about tomorrow.

The modern reality most of us live / create for ourselves is no longer the actual reality of being a human and living life.

I dare you to take a look at your daily routine. Wake up to an alarm instead of day light? Work 40 plus hours a week away from home? Skip meals or eat on the move? Worry about the things you forgot to do yesterday at work? Suppress tiredness with coffee and put off periods of rest to get stuff done?… you get the idea.

Go a little deeper and you’ll begin to notice that being time poor forces us to we rely on organisations to fulfill our needs. Who has time to walk anywhere or prepare their own meals from scratch? And obviously these services and products we conveniently buy come at a premium. The organisation has to make a profit right?

And what happens if these systems or organisations that we now rely on so heavily fail or stop? How many times are you flat out disappointed at the things you pay someone for out of convenience? Bought an apple the other day, didn’t taste like an apple and was all fluffy inside, like a stale turd. Paid $5 CAD for a bag of them… every time it’s like a small punch in the dick.

I could go on and on but I have already wasted enough time on Money.

So here I am trying to create a different reality for myself, one that brings me closer to being human again. One where I can rely on myself and live a more satisfying life. I might be wrong, but my gut is telling me that being more self reliant could be the answer.

I am not completely stepping away from modern living because it has a lot to offer still. I am just tired of pushing my body and my mind to the edge so that organisations can profit from me. My nervous system needs a break.

I don’t want to survive and follow society blindly because it’s easy, I want to thrive and fully live life. Heck, depending on your beliefs we might only get one shot at this!!

I hope you can join me in this crazy adventure. Going against the grain won’t be easy, but hopefully it will be worth it.